Wednesday, January 6, 2016

String Art #2

Let's be honest here, I acted like I was going to start a blog and keep up with it and that did not happen. It was really a missed opportunity. But every day I get notifications from Pinterest that my post about the string art elephant it getting repinned. So I figured I should post the California piece I made after, months ago. 
This one did not get as many pictures. But for anyone interested this is the template I used. I also pulled a heart outline off google because I knew I would never draw one good enough.
I got it just the right size (yes it did take a few tries) and placed it on the wood and started adding the nails. Unlike the elephant I did not prespace my dots. I added the heart over my home area, the bay, which would have been the hardest piece to conquer if i did not! This project is so great because you could do it for any state with the heart placed where you're from!

I really wish I had taken more picture of the process but feel free to comment with any questions you may have!


Friday, February 27, 2015

String Art #1: The Elephant

As a second semester college senior only taking ten units and really only having class twice a week AND not working, I have a lot of time on my hands. So I'm taking on Pintrest, and generally telling the world about my life with this blog. Here's the first go at it!
My finished product
The original Pinsperation, It was a link to and ETSY item that is no longer available. I decided to put my own subtle spin on it. 
The supplies used (plus a 12x12 piece of wood, wood stain and a 4oz hammer) I traced the elephant used on the Pintrest post off my tablet to get a stencil for the nails.
Putting the nails in was not an easy feat. It was not fun. I opened a beer, it got easier form there.
There was a traumatizing moment somewhere in between here where I forgot to take the paper off before putting the string on the elephant. There was about two seconds of panic.
Stomper is DONE! This took about three tries of figuring out how to put the string on (one of those still having the paper on there). There are two layers of string, I went at one angle and back at a slightly different angle.
The finished product. Of course, I used A's colors instead of blues for the sequins. I used Mod Podge to apply the bulk of the sequins and just sprinkled them on. The outer sequins were individually glued with tacky glue.

You can kind of see the knots where the string started and ended.
It definitely turned out better than I thought. I was afraid for a little bit that it was going to turn into a fail rather than a success. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

So It Begins

As I sat around waiting for my Lush Jasmine Henna Fluff-Eaze to soak in my roommate and I decided I needed a blog. I was rambling on about some outfit with white jeans and a sweater I'd worn back in fall, pulling a picture of the outfit up on my computer, because that's what I do, I save pictures of my favorite outfits. But what is a girl to do with a folder full of pictures of her own outfits? Start a blog of course! So here I am, entering into the blogosphere. It will be about just about everything: outfits of the week, products I love, kitchen fails and successes, Pinterest adventures and whatever I happen to be up to. So here it goes, with a cup of tea in hand, an adventure into blogging.